December 15, 2023

What to Expect From My Documentary Style Wedding Photography

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As a wedding photographer based in Somerset, I know how important it is to capture the most precious moments of your special day in a way that truly reflects your love story.

That’s why I am here to share with you what to expect from my documentary-style wedding photography. My personality and photography style are unapologetically candid, natural and authentic, and I am always on the lookout for those genuine, heartfelt moments that truly capture the essence of your wedding day.

So, if you want to have all the emotions, fun and personality captured that tell your personal wedding story then keep on reading, we may be a good match!

Documentary-style wedding photography of the wedding party

My Documentary-Style Wedding Photography

Documentary-style wedding photography of the wedding party playing outdoor games

An Insight Into My Wedding Photography Style

When it comes to my documentary-style wedding photography, I don’t believe in stiff poses and artificial filters.

I am all about embracing the natural and authentic moments that make your wedding day truly special. You won’t catch me barking orders at you or making you feel like a mannequin. 

Instead, I will be discreetly blending into the background, like a ninja with a camera, capturing those genuine, heartfelt moments that you will genuinely treasure for years.

From the tears of joy to the belly laughs, I will be there to capture it all. You won’t find any awkwardly forced smiles in my photos, just pure, unadulterated emotion. Because let’s face it, your wedding day is all about the feels, right?

I want your photos to transport you back to that magical day, allowing you to relive each and every moment. And trust me, the beauty of a candid shot is that it tells a story. It’s like a window into your wedding day, allowing you to see the little details and the big emotions that made your day so personal.

Capturing Your Wedding Day as It Happens

Imagine your wedding day as a fairy tale, with me as your trusty narrator.

I will be there, camera in hand, capturing every heartfelt moment as it happens. From the giddy anticipation as you get ready to say “I do,” to the laughter-filled chaos on the dance floor, I will be right there, weaving a visual tale of your love story.

Think of me as the stealthy storyteller, blending into the background and capturing the genuine emotions that make your day so personal. I won’t interrupt your precious moments with staged poses or requests for forced smiles. Instead, I will be there, silently clicking away, documenting every tear, every belly laugh, and every stolen glance.

The beauty of my documentary-style wedding photography is that it allows your love story to unfold naturally. It’s like a page-turning novel, with each photo revealing a new chapter in your journey as a couple. And as you flip through your wedding album, you will relive those moments with a joy that can only come from authentic storytelling.

Documentary-style wedding photography of the wedding party

Why I Choose Documentary Photography

Let me take a moment to share with you why I have chosen documentary-style wedding photography as my preferred style.

Trust me, it’s not just because I like to lurk in the shadows with a camera (although that is definitely a perk because I get to do what I love!).

For me, it is about capturing the raw and real moments that make every couples wedding day truly unique. It’s about freezing those emotions in time, so you can relive them over and over again.

I chose this style because I believe that your wedding day is all about the feels – your wedding day is undeniably a very emotional day! I want to capture those moments, not just for you, but for future generations to come.

Plus, let’s face it, posed and staged photos can be a bit awkward, can’t they? I want you to feel comfortable and natural, like you’re just being yourselves – that is what it is all about.

Documentary-style wedding photography of the bride and groom walking hand in hand

Unstaged Moments, Real Emotions

When it comes to capturing your wedding day with my documentary-style wedding photography, I believe in capturing those unstaged moments, those real emotions that let loose throughout every stage of your day.

I want you to feel comfortable and relaxed knowing you can fully indulge yourself in every aspect of your wedding day with your loved ones, without even thinking about me being there with a camera.

That’s when the real magic happens!

Whether it’s the tears of joy as you say your vows, the uncontrollable laughter during the speeches, or all the drunken dance moves on the dancefloor – there are emotions happening everywhere during every aspect of your wedding timeline.

So, get ready to let loose, be yourselves, and have the time of your lives on your wedding day. And trust me, when you look back at your photos, you will be transported right back to those moments, feeling all the love and excitement over again.

Documentary-style wedding photography of the reactions to the bride in her wedding dress

Ready to Book Your Photographer?

Now you know what to expect from my documentary style wedding photography you can decide whether my style aligns with your vision.
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