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If you have ever wondered ‘how many photographers you need for your wedding’, in this blog post, I will be discussing the benefits of a second wedding photographer and why it’s worth considering for your big day.

Wedding Day Tips & Advice

May 31, 2024

The Benefits of a Second Wedding Photographer

A well-organised and thought-out timeline can ensure that your wedding day runs smoothly and allows you to fully enjoy every moment without feeling rushed or stressed. As a documentary-style wedding photographer, I know first-hand how well a wedding goes down with an organised timeline, and it makes my (and other suppliers’) job much easier too!

Wedding Day Tips & Advice

April 5, 2024

Your Wedding Day Timeline: Tips From a Wedding Photographer

One of the most important choices you will make for your wedding day is the venue. As a documentary-style wedding photographer, I have seen firsthand how the venue can play a crucial role in the overall look and feel of a wedding.

Wedding Day Tips & Advice

January 12, 2024

My Top Tips For Choosing a Wedding Venue

My personality and photography style are unapologetically candid, natural and authentic, and I am always on the lookout for those genuine, heartfelt moments that truly capture the essence of your wedding day.

Wedding Day Tips & Advice

December 15, 2023

What to Expect From My Documentary Style Wedding Photography

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